Power scrubbing is the removal of dust, dirt, oil, stains and other debris using specialized equipment, water and detergent. Our power scrubbing machine drops water and a specialized detergent on to the surface which is then power scrubbed and vacuumed all in one pass.

This services is available for parking garages, underground parking, warehouses, plants, and production facilities with concrete, asphalt and industrial surface flooring. 

Our Complete Clean service is our most thorough service, which involves pressure washing to the base of the walls, around the base of pillars and all areas that the power scrubbing machine cannot access. The machine power scrubs the entire surface and removes debris. For best results, all oil deposits are pre-treated, pressure washed and power scrubbed.

QuikLine uses Tennant (tm) rider scrubber equipment, considered the industry's best and most reliable, offers maximum cleaning capacity. 
We use specialized degreasing agents for removal of stains such as oil deposits and traffic marks. 

We use of green solutions detergents and water recycling of contaminants. 

Industrial Floor Scrubbing                                                                               
Specialized equipment and cleaning fluids for industrial plants, warehouses and parking garages. Estimates 
are based on cents per square footage of the job. Pricing structured on volume of under 50,000 feet and 
discounted for jobs over 50,000 feet.  

Power Scrubbing - Garages and Warehouses

Power Scrubbing and Power Sweeping

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Power Sweeping - Parking Lots, Garages and Warehouses

QuikLine ​

Power sweeping is QuikLine's line of service on which the company's foundation was built on over 25 years ago.  Services include:

Tennant (tm) rider sweepers, considered the industry's best and most reliable, offers maximum strength and widest cleaning path.
Removal of debris including litter and leaves from asphalt and parking areas.
Post-construction clean-up of sand, dust and small debris.
Winter weather clean-up of salt and stone.
This services is offered for indoor and outdoor parking areas and facilities. 

Parking Lot Maintenance
The level of maintenance can be tailored to suit your requirements: weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. Many of our customers are seasonal and we provide services for Spring clean of debris and stone left from the winter. As part of our service, we schedule when your parking lot is used on off-hours to ensure the best possible results.

Paving and Construction Cleanup
QuikLine offers services to municipalities and private contractors with our post final construction clean-up and  inspections.  

Parking Garage and Underground Parking Facilities 
Power sweeping is for the removal of dust and other debris from parking areas and large industrial surfaces. Those areas not easily accessed by equipment are blown or swept manually by our operators.